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Nov Run Club

We Run As One

We Run As One training plan

Our 10-week We Run As One training plan helps you prepare for your half marathon by breaking down your training into three simple sessions a week.

But we didn’t stop there! We also believe this 10-week training block is an ideal time for you to focus on your overall mental and physical wellbeing, so we've provided plenty of ideas for activities you can do on the days you're not running.

What would you say to someone who’s finding it hard to stay motivated to exercise, particularly with all that’s going on in the world at the moment?
Being part of the Nov running community made me run when I didn’t particularly want to during the lockdowns – seeing the team clock in the miles online, you don’t want to let them down or stand out as the one who didn’t complete that challenge, so you run!  

Running should be part of everyone’s lifestyle. It allows you to learn about your character, through the constant self-talk during your runs and the post-run high bringing clarity to the way you think.  

Why The Big Half? 
I haven’t taken part in The Big Half yet, however I have worked as a steward on multiple occasions. I remember being on the other side and wondering how everyone found these communities, how I have never come across any and realised that there were hardly any ethnic minorities. I don’t think it is a coincidence that there is a lack of ethnic diversity in running events. I don’t think our demographic is given the opportunity to enjoy running for what it is – most of our experiences of long-distance running happen at school, with cross country or on sports day, without spending any time preparing for it, or sharing information on how to build up running tolerance.  

Tell us about Nov Run Club.
There is a lack of representation from north west London and that is why the Nov Run community was created. We want inspire people, provide them with the opportunity to participate in events like The Big Half surrounded by members of their community, and educate people on how to use running to fuel their lifestyle. We want more representation; we want to run the ends!  

And, on a personal note, what are you hoping to get out of running The Big Half? 
It’s important for me to take part to test my limits but also to show people anyone can take part in a half marathon.

I’m looking forward to being among a crowd of people again and running together as one. It’s been a year of minimal human interaction and to be able to run with likeminded individuals all running towards the same goal is like a big one up on Covid. 

The buzzing atmosphere while we are all preparing for our race and capturing the moment each and every one of the Nov Run team pass the Finish Line is going to be one for the memory bank and hopefully inspire more people to run.