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A group of runners at the start of The Vitality Big Half

We Run As One

Welcome to the We Run As One community! We’re excited to share our We Run As One training plan with you. On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about We Run As One and the plan, as well as links to help you navigate useful articles on this website – have fun exploring!

What do we stand for and why?

We Run As One is a campaign that shines a light on the incredibly diverse running community who take part in The Big Half each year.

Our mission is to empower runners of all backgrounds and experiences to feel the mental and physical health benefits of running.

It’s time to open up the conversation and make running accessible to all. And we want to change the narrative together – as one:

  • We run to be free 
  • We run for equality 
  • We run for our physical and mental health 
  • We Run As One!

The We Run As One training plan

Taking on a half marathon like The Big Half obviously needs a fair amount of physical preparation as you get your body ready for the challenge of running 13.1 miles.

As you’d expect, our 10-week We Run As One training plan helps you with this, by breaking down your training into three simple sessions a week, for the 10 weeks leading up to Event Day.

But we didn’t want to stop there! We believe following a training plan for 10 weeks is an ideal opportunity for you to focus on your overall mental and physical wellbeing – and to think and learn about the wider community you’ll be running with at The Big Half.

So we’ve given you some ideas for both activities and reflection on the days in the plan when you’re not running – ranging from podcast and reading recommendations to suggestions of exhibitions and TED talks that may interest you. It’s a chance for you to think outside the box and step out of your comfort zone – mentally and physically.

And of course, you can still use the training plan as a purely physical exercise plan to help you go the distance – how you use it is totally up to you! All the articles and information that the plan refers to are linked within it so you can find what you need quickly and easily.

We hope you enjoy your training and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the plan, as well as your suggestions for things we can add to it in future.

Time to get started!

Mondays mean motivation!

Each week of the We Run As One Plan kicks off with a training feature to help you get in the mood for your Tuesday training session.

Fridays are We Run As One Days!

Even if Friday doesn’t herald the end of your working week, there’s still a good reason to look forward to it – for the next 10 weeks Fridays are We Run As One Days! It’s time to try something a little different:

Meet our We Run As One interviewees!

As part of our We Run As One campaign, we’re talking to a diverse range of mix of real runners, community group members and online influencers, as well as some familiar faces from the world of sport and beyond, about how running has helped them overcome significant challenges in life. They also tell us what We Run As One means to them.

You can find links to these interviews below – they are sure to inspire and motivate you as you prepare for The Big Half! And if you or someone you know has an amazing story to tell about, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.