Staying fit this holiday season




Staying fit this holiday season

Social engagements and family duties start to really take a toll on your time over Christmas. Not to mention the constant pressure to eat rich food and drink far more than your RDA. But if you stay savvy; you can enjoy the season and bypass any damage to your running performance and your waistline. Here are the best tips for you to stay feeling fit through the festivities.


Run to the in-laws

One of the biggest obstacles to your Christmas workouts is time. Between parties, gatherings and family meals; precious daylight hours can fill up and leave you restless and overfed. But being smart with your time can prevent you from missing a run. Why not run home from the in-laws or get dropped off a certain distance from your destination and then clock up the miles by running the rest of the journey. It’s amazing what you can fit in if you’re time-savvy.


Crunch through the adverts

This can become a fun game for the family. Instead of vegging out in front of the television for hours on end, make a rule that you will use the advert breaks to exercise. Little pockets of three-minute crunch or squat breaks will ensure you stay on top of your strength and conditioning routine and don’t get bored.


Run for pudding

Creating a run and reward system over Christmas is a great idea. With so much treaty food doing the rounds, you shouldn’t have to miss out and deprive yourself. But, let’s face it; some of our favourite Christmas goodies are laden with sugar and fat so why not run the miles to burn off the ultra indulgent treats. Create a points system and make it a mile-based challenge for yourself.


Snack smart

Not all Christmas treats were created equal; so where you can, be smart. Roasted chestnuts make a delicious and nourishing fireside snack, spicy mulled wine – hold the sugar, can be a healing tipple of choice and dark chocolate makes an anti-oxidant rich alternative to a selection box bar.


Have a glass of water for every tipple

This very simple rule can make all the difference to the ill effects of alcohol. Drinking a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume will keep you hydrated, thus easing the morning-after hangover and it will also stop you guzzling quite so many glasses of port. You know it makes sense.