Kizzi DJ and Presenter




Meet our Big Half DJ Kizzi

"I want everyone to feel like a winner when they cross that finish line"

The Big Half is London’s community half marathon. It is both a festival of running and a celebration of the wonderful diversity of our capital city. In a series of features we meet some of the people who are helping to bring London’s unique identity to the event on Sunday 3 September.

Kizzi, DJ and Presenter, from West London, who will be playing the music at the Finish Line of The Big Half.


I am 21 years old now and for as long as I can remember, I have loved exploring the different sounds produced by difference cultures and countries.   


Being born in London and from an Indian background, I’ve been infused with music from all over the world. And that is what makes London so special. It is a fusion of so many different cultures and my music is exactly that, a mix of sounds that come from all over the world but which fit together here in London.  


My own music reflects my background. My parents would play bhangra and Bollywood music in the house growing up. At school it would be pop and hip-hop and then, among my friends, we listened to bashment and dancehall! The music I play today fuses all of that together to create mixes that has everyone feeling involved because no matter who you are, or where you come from, we all like to dance! 


I am going to be playing at the Finish Line of The Big Half this year so if you are running, or coming down to watch, you can expect to hear that fusion of sounds with a big slice of energy on top. My aim is to make every one to feel like a winner when they cross that Finish Line next to the Cutty Sark. 


I am really excited by the opportunity. I have always wanted to be involved with something that brings people together for a beautiful reason and The Big Half does that. I can’t wait to see the different runners, from all backgrounds, crossing the Finish Line with a big smile on their faces. And hopefully they have enough energy left for a little dance if they are loving the tunes! 


I will see you all there!

“Listen to DJ Kizzi’s official playlist for The Big Half now!”