Environmental Policy

London Marathon Events Ltd (LMEL) is the world’s leading organiser of mass participation sporting events. Our vision is “to inspire activity” and our mission is to deliver excellence in mass participation sporting events, inspiring participation in sport across all demographics and abilities.

LMEL is the trading company of the London Marathon Charitable Trust and all surplus after costs are transferred to The London Marathon Charitable Trust (LMCT), which provides funding to:

  • Initiatives that enable people to become and remain physically active regardless of age, gender, ability, race or background and challenge inequality of access to physical activity.
  • Build, renovate or modernise facilities to support such initiatives.

One of LMEL’s objectives is to inspire and deliver innovation in mass participation event sustainability and this is also one of the eight company pillars that guide everything we do. This includes managing our impact on the environment through improvements in:

  • The planning and delivery of LMEL events
  • Procurement and supply chain activities
  • Office and warehouse management

This environmental policy applies to all our operations and events.

We recognise that the activities of LMEL can have both a negative and a beneficial impact on the environment, associated with impacts such as resource utilisation, materials choice, waste generation and disposal, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity and nature preservation, and releases to land, water and air. Through a rigorous assessment and measurement of what those impacts are, we are taking action to eliminate or minimise negative ones, and amplify positive ones.

In addition to those environmental impacts that LMEL can control directly, we shall also consider areas that we can influence. We will aim to inspire, encourage and work with our supply chain, contractors, participants, volunteers, spectators and sponsors to reduce environmental impacts.

LMEL is committed to the following strategies and will incorporate actions into our operations to continually improve their environmental performance.

The five strategies of our environmental policy are to:

  1. Identify, understand, measure, monitor and continuously review our environmental impact, focusing on waste production and greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Eliminate, reduce, reuse and recycle all waste; ensure zero waste from LMEL activities is sent to landfill
  3. Develop and implement a responsible procurement framework
  4. Reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency; seek to utilise energy from renewable sources where possible
  5. Publish an annual environmental performance report

We will set annual targets as appropriate in relation to our strategies to achieve our objective of inspiring and delivering innovation in mass participation event sustainability.

This policy is reviewed annually.