Run With Purpose




A running club looking to improve men's mental health

Nii explains: “He said when he attended our run that it was the first time he allowed himself to express himself and let out all the emotion he had within him. This is what we, Run With Purpose, do – we allow guys to express themselves and open up.”

“I love what The Big Half is doing because it aligns with one of our goals, which is to enable people from diverse backgrounds to come together and run together, as well as tackling anxiety, depression and mental health issues,” says Joel. “Now they get to see that there are other people who look like them who are also into running.”

Morgan, who recently joined Run With Purpose, says: “Together we support each other; it’s a lot of fun and it’s already a community that I feel is only going to go from strength to strength. I’m really grateful to have found the group in the last month and I’m looking forward to the future with them.”

Visit the Run With Purpose website, or find them on Instagram @RunWithPurposeLDN.