Fundraising tips

Five simple steps to smashing your fundraising target!

Taking on The Big Half is not only an amazing physical challenge – it’s also the ideal opportunity to do something amazing by raising money for charity. So whether you’re aiming for an ambitious fundraising goal, or just need some ideas to help you get started, our top tips will set you on the road to success…

1. Create your online fundraising page

This is quick and easy to do, so start early – research suggests that fundraising pages that are created earlier will raise more on average than those left to the last minute. For the best fundraising experience for The Big Half, be sure to use the official fundraising platform powered by Enthuse.  

2. Personalise your page

Tell your story of why you’re taking part, and your personal connection to the charity you’re fundraising for. Add photos and updates throughout your fundraising journey to keep your donors up to date and engaged.

3. Set a target

Make sure you set a target so all your potential donors can see what you want to achieve. The average amount each participant raised at The Big Half 2021 was over £500, so aim high!

4. Ask about matched giving

If you work for an employer, ask your HR or your Corporate Social Responsibility team if they operate a matched giving scheme. At their most generous, these schemes can double what you raise, but this does vary from company to company – however, it’s definitely worth asking for a potentially big boost to your fundraising.

5. Host an event

It’s not always easy to ask people to sponsor you, so why not offer your friends and family something in return? This could be a quiz night (virtual or in person), curry (or whatever your favourite food is!) night, or a clothes swap, all in the name of raising awareness and money for your chosen cause.