Training Advice

Whether The Vitality Big Half is your first half marathon or you are an experienced runner, you can find lots of great training advice here, from essential exercises to nailing your race pace.

  • Essential Half Marathon Q&A

    From beginner to experienced runner, we’ve covered everything you need to know for your next half marathon

  • Race Etiquette

    To ensure you enjoy The Vitality Big Half to the max, check out our guide on how to prepare for the event and what to expect on Race Day…

  • Your Guide to the Perfect Warm-Up

    All you need to know about one of the most important parts of your running routine

  • How to stretch properly

    Should you be stretching before you run or is it yesterday’s news?

  • The perfect half marathon Race Weekend

    Guarantee a great performance at The Vitality Big Half by following this simple step-by-step guide to the perfect race weekend...

  • Uphill battle

    It’s short, sharp and intense, but an uphill running session can bring huge benefits to your training. Here’s how you can become king – or queen – of the hill.

  • Treadmill running

    Treadmills have some advantages over road running, and can form a key part of your training programme for The Vitality Big Half

  • Fartlek training

    If you fancy a change from your training routine, Fartlek training makes a great alternative to normal road running

  • Belief system

    Talk yourself into believing you're running like Mo Farah and you'll bag that new PB

  • Total Guide to Winter Running Survival

    Ensure you survive the season without skipping a run...

  • Half Marathon Training: Starting Out

    We've come up with the essential advice you need to start your training...

  • Staying fit this holiday season

    Here are the best tips for you to stay feeling fit through the festivities...

  • How to keep your running resolutions

    Make this year a great one for running by following physiotherapist Scott Mitchell’s essential guide to keeping your New Year’s resolutions on track…

  • Recovery Rules

    Check out our tips below to ensure you bounce back to full fitness faster…