Winter running kit

Add the following key pieces to your winter running wardrobe to ensure you stay cosy and comfortable when the mercury plummets.

Go long

Long-sleeved tops and tights are a must in winter as your extremities tend to be the first place you feel the cold. “Long leggings will keep your muscles warm and ensure you don’t tighten up or become stiff in the cold,” explains New Balance Tech rep Heather Sellars.

Layer up

Several thin layers perform more efficiently than one thick one in winter so layer several T-shirts or invest in a windproof outer layer. A gilet or lightweight jacket will protect you from the wind. “They’re so light that you can take them off and carry them with you easily,” says Sellars. “Versions like the New Balance windcheater jacket are breathable too so you won’t get sweaty in them.”

Don’t overdress though: you should feel cold when you step outside and warm up as you start to run. A thermal base layer, long leggings and a windproof jacket are adequate for most people.

Get technical

Make the most of high-tech running kit by getting your hands on apparel that features clever fabrics like New Balance’s NB Heat.

“The NB Heat range does a great job of keeping you warm compared to regular kit when it’s cold outside,” says Sellars. “It also features reflective details, which is great for darker evenings, when lots of people tend to train as they’re working during the day.”

Hand in glove

Once you’ve sorted out warm tops and bottoms, gloves should be next on your list. With your circulating blood working hard to keep your core warm, your extremities can suffer so always remember to pull on a pair of gloves if it looks cold outside. “You’ll want to keep your hands warm when you run so you can use them to open the front door when you get home,” says Sellars.  

Hat trick

If you do feel the cold, or get the dreaded ‘ice-cream headache’ when you run, a hat or headband can make a real difference to your comfort. Choose a hat made from a technical fabric that has wicking properties to maximise the heat you retain.

Trail mix

Trail shoes are useful in winter if you’re planning to run on muddy paths or off-road terrain as they feature extra tread to help you to grip the ground better. Some trail shoes also feature a waterproof layer such as Gore-Tex, which acts as a barrier if you’re splashing through muddy puddles or crossing streams.