How to Enter

Good For Age Entry

The Good for Age entry system for The Big Half 2018 is now live. To make your application, please follow the link below.

Applications are accepted from runners who have achieved an exceptional time in an official half marathon, which is 13.1 miles in length, since 1 January 2016. Specific details on the required qualifying times are provided below.

Good for Age places in The Big Half 2018 are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis.

Meeting the entry criteria does not guarantee a place in the 2018 event.

Your application will be checked and you will be sent an email to let you know if you have secured a place or not.

If you have not received any correspondence from us about your application by 5 January 2018, please contact our helpdesk on 020 7902 0200.

If you are successful in obtaining a place, you will receive unique log-in details with a link allowing you to complete and pay for your entry by the 17:00 deadline on 12 January 2018. Please note: if payment is not made by this time you will lose your place.

Do I qualify?

You will be eligible to submit a Good for Age application into The Big Half 2018 if you have run an official half marathon equal to, or faster than, the times listed below since 1 January 2016. You also need to reside in the UK. Please be aware that, due to limited availability, meeting the criteria does not guarantee you a place in the 2018 event.

Men Time (in hours) Women Time (in hours)
18-40 01:25:00 18-40 01:40:00
41-49 01:30:00 41-49 01:45:00
50-59 01:35:00 50-59 01:50:00
60-64 01:45:00 60-64 01:57:00
65-69 01:50:00 65-69 02:05:00
70-74 02:05:00 70-74 02:40:00
75-79 02:25:00 75-79 02:50:00
80+ 02:50:00 80+ 03:00:00

Please note: men who have run faster than 01:15:00 and women who have run faster than 01:25:00 since 1 January 2016 are entitled to apply for a Championship Entry place.