The Big Half 2022 will take place on Sunday 4 September. Find out more here

Event Day etiquette

Course and Finish Line etiquette for charities

We hope you and your supporters are excited for The Big Half on Sunday 4 September 2022! Please find guidance below on how to safely and respectfully celebrate your participants on Event Day.

1. Banners

  • Please respect the event branding, which gives contracted exposure to our sponsors and suppliers. There are many places on the route where we don’t have our own event branding. In places where we do, please do not put your banners over the top.

2. Balloons

  • Balloon arches are popular and add great colour to the event. However, balloon arches are unpredictable in windy weather. Please be sensible with balloons – if it’s windy and they are blowing around and causing a hazard to runners or spectators, please take them down.
  • In line with our sustainability policy, we encourage charities to ensure all equipment and materials are sustainable. As helium is a finite resource, we ask all charities to avoid using this, and if there is an alternative, not to use balloons at all.

3. Cheering points

  • No places on the route are reserved or guaranteed for any cheer points. Please adhere to requests from event staff or stewards. In busy places we need ‘sterile’ areas for crowd management, first aid retrieval routes and so on. The need for these may not be immediately obvious, but they have been agreed in advance with our sector teams and are all there for a reason – please help us to keep the route and spectator areas safe for all.

4. The Finish

  • Please DO NOT gather immediately at the secure exit point by the Finish Line. You will be moved on by our stewards. There will be a designated A-Z Meet and Greet area in Greenwich Park so please plan to meet your runners at a pre-arranged letter of the alphabet. If you have reserved a venue for a post-event reception, make sure you give your runners all the information about the location in advance and let them come to you – they will find you!

5. Greenwich Park

  • There is limited spectator viewing at the Finish Line by Cutty Sark, so please meet your runners in Greenwich Park. Greenwich Park is likely to become very busy due to the large volume of runners and their friends and family heading to meet up after the event. There will be a Meet and Greet area where runners are encouraged to meet their loved ones post-event.
  • For safety reasons, it has been agreed with The Royal Parks that nobody will be allowed to erect gazebos or set up chairs and tables within the Meet and Greet area, or any other space within Greenwich Park unless pre-agreed. If anyone attempts to set up a space without agreement, they will be removed by a team of The Royal Parks and London Marathon Events security staff. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  • London Marathon Events is very happy to receive information about your post-event parties – our information points can direct runners to the correct location.